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Levels of Cover

Drivers purchasing temp cover must choose between third party only and comprehensive. Third party only is the basic legal minimum. This is the cheapest, most basic insurance required under the law. It covers damage to others in an accident you caused, but does not cover any damage to your own vehicle. So while it allows you to drive on public roads and in public spaces, it can leave drivers open to significant liabilities. That said, third party only may be all that is necessary for drivers purchasing temporary cover who only need to drive another car for a day or two. It's a risk, but a calculated one.

Comprehensive cover is the most extensive option available to drivers. It provides third party cover, but also cover for theft, fire, and damage to your own vehicle. This is also the most costly option. It often contains extra cover for things like windscreens, audio equipment, rental car costs in case of an accident, and so on. Though it covers more than third party, it still doesn't cover everything, so policyholders should be sure to read their documents.

Buying Cover

Both types of temp insurance may be purchased online, whenever is convenient. This convenience and ease of access is another benefit of temp cover. Because it's run online, insurers keep their overhead costs low, passing on those savings to their customers. Drivers can easily compare insurers against one another, determining which offers the most value for the cost. There are even websites so specialised that they are devoted to comparing offers of temporary cover. Drivers can quickly input their information and get quotes from several insurers in a simple, efficient process.


As with annual cover, drivers need to be aware of exclusions in their policies, even in temporary cover. It's oftentimes illuminating to read policy documents, which detail exactly what one can and cannot do. Policies may have language about where one can drive the covered vehicle, who one can transport, and the types of activities one can undertake whilst driving. Using the vehicle as a car for hire is always forbidden, for example. Any kind of business use is oftentimes forbidden. Insurers have differing views on driving outside the UK as well as on the legitimacy of foreign licences. Policy documents also contain details of liability maximums, which may be important to those driving expensive or old cars. It's of the utmost importance that drivers read these documents, even for a temporary insurance policy, even for driving a vehicle for a single day.

The choice of temp cover depends upon individual characteristics - length of time driving the vehicle, number of people to be named, characteristics of named drivers, among many others - but generally, temp policies allow drivers some freedom of choice in their insurance purchase.

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