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What Temp Car Insurance And Prison Have In Common

When people think about moonshine, they usually picture some kind of old, rusty still hidden away somewhere in the backwoods of Kentucky. I am here to tell them that they are wrong. I keep my still right in my front yard in Slough where I can keep a good eye on it. I only have one eye, so that’s the only one that can watch my still.

Save On Prescription Medication With Moonshine

I make moonshine for medicinal purposes. PC John tells me that it is illegal to make your own alcohol in Slough. I keep telling him that I am not making booze, per se, but medicine to help with my aches and pains. Why the copper always arrests me for taking my medicine I’ll never know.

If anything, I’m saving the NHS plenty of money. They don’t need to fire up a big, expensive factory to make plastic medication bottles when there are plenty of free pickle jars around here that can do the trick.

Moonshine Is Good For Aches And Pains

Whenever I get to feeling good and the aches and pains are gone, PC John shows up at my place. It happens every time. I have been arrested 15, 0987 times for something they call drunk and disorderly. I can’t help it if my medicine makes me shoot my air rifle at the cars going past my house in public. If I could do it privately I would, but the cars are outside.

PC John’s 'Custody Suite' Is Like Temp Car Insurance

PC John throws me in the custody suite when he catches me taking my medicine. That is no way to treat someone on medication, if you ask me. The policeman says I have to stay behind bars temporarily for my own safety and security. That reminds me of the time I had to get temp car insurance back when I had two eyes and was still allowed to drive.

Once, I had to borrow a car to go see the magistrates in town. The temp car insurance covered my trip to town. It kept me covered in case of any accidental shootings from other medicine-takers on the way. Those tyre blowouts from an air rifle can be a wild ride. Just like a boozer that needs time in the jail cell, temp car insurance offers security and safety for a short period of time. Oops, did I say boozer? I meant a person taking medicine for aches and pains.

Moonshining Is A Noble Tradition That Must Be Kept Alive

You can take the man away from the still, but you can never take the still out of the man. Especially the pieces of shrapnel from a potato brandy explosion. No matter how many times a man may end up getting his moonshine equipment taken away, he will figure out how to ferment whatever he can get his hands on to keep the regal tradition of homemade medicine alive and well.

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