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How Mouldy Potatoes Relate To Temp Car Insurance

Many people try to save grocery money by buying fruits and vegetables in bulk. This works well for the ones who are good at canning and freezing. It also works for those who can eat 20 pounds of potatoes in one sitting before they go bad. People who are clueless about the personality of the potato can find themselves with a houseful of potato sprouts when they decide to buy those 100 pound bags to save money.

Do Your Potatoes Have More Antennae’s Than A Centipede Wired For Cable?

Nothing is worse than reaching into a bag of potatoes and pulling out what resembles a soft, brown Martian with hairy green antennaes. The potato is one vegetable that doesn’t seem to care whether it is planted in the ground or not. It has a mind of its own. Some people go ahead and cook their potatoes in full-sprout. OK, they may be poisonous but they certainly taste different!

How can someone know when a potato might be ready for cooking? If a long, green vine is leading out of the potato bag in the kitchen and winding its way out the front door and down the driveway, it might need some attention.

French Fried Sprouts Are An Acquired Taste

Kids are choosy about vegetables. Why not serve French fries a whole new way? Give them just the sprouts. Serve up the mouldy ones with cheese sauce. Black, mouldy potatoes have extra iron. Tell them kids of royal lineage eat mouldy potatoes all the time.

Potatoes Need Temp Car Insurance Benefits

Just like proper storage is essential for longer lasting potatoes, so is safe, temporary storage for a vintage or expensive automobile. Temp car insurance can cover damages to a car that has to be stored somewhere else for a short amount of time. Wouldn’t it be great if those super-sized bags of potatoes could be covered with the damage protection of a temp car insurance policy?

Temp car insurance benefits would make it easy to recoup the loss of a mouldy bag of potatoes with money to purchase something that might not grow antennaes so quickly, like instant mashed potato mix. Sprouts growing from a pre-packaged mix need to be brought to the immediate attention of the M.I.P., the Ministry of Instant Potatoes.

The Innocent Potato Is A Shameful Cannibal

Who knew that vegetables could be so deceptive? A potato looks innocent, but don’t let it fool you. The round part is the food that feeds those green, fuzzy sprouts. If you don’t hurry, the sprouts will eat the potato before you do. Yes folks, the potato is a self-cannibaliser.

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